Aerobin Composter 400L



The Aerobin Composter 400L is an excellent choice for larger households with substantial amounts of kitchen and garden waste.

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The Aerobin Composter 400L is an excellent choice for larger households with substantial amounts of kitchen and garden waste. With its enhanced capacity, this composter efficiently handles a greater volume of organic material, making it suitable for households with a higher level of waste production. The advanced aeration lung and leachate collection system ensure optimal decomposition of organic matter, producing high-quality compost for larger gardens or agricultural use.

Its sturdy construction and ample capacity make it an excellent choice for families or communities interested in sustainable waste management solutions. The Aerobin 400L is well-suited for larger houses, accommodating the needs of those who generate a significant amount of organic waste while promoting a greener lifestyle and reducing overall environmental impact.


  1. Aeration Lung:
    The Aerobin Composter features a unique lung® or aeration core inside the bin, which promotes aerobic breakdown of organic matter. Aerobic composting is a faster, more efficient composting process.
  2. Insulated Walls:
    Designed with double-walled insulation, the Aerobin maintains a higher internal temperature. This allows for composting all year round, even in colder climates.
  3. Leachate Tank:
    The bin includes a built-in leachate tank at the base. This collects all the nutrient-rich liquid run-off from your compost. This liquid can be used as a liquid fertiliser, offering an additional benefit to composting
  4. Large Capacity:
    With a 400-liter capacity, it can handle significant amounts of waste, reducing the frequency of emptying the bin.
  5. Easy to Use:
    The Aerobin is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has a top lid for easy deposit of waste and a bottom access door for hassle-free removal of compost.
  6. Environmentally Friendly:
    Made from 100% recyclable materials, it’s a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.
    Odor Reduction: The aeration system and insulated walls significantly reduces the odour often associated with composting, making it a more pleasant experience.


Size when Assembled 740mm x 740mm x 1200mm approx.

Size packed for delivery 770mm x 770mm x 760mm approx.

Weight Mass 26 kg (empty)