Earthworm Castings


Urban Farms Earthworm Castings is a premium vermicast organic fertilizer and soil conditioner, consisting of 80% pure worm castings. Worm castings constitute pure humus, and have a lovely earthy aroma.  Unlike other organic fertilisers, out product does not smell, making it perfect for indoor / office plant applications.

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Directions for use

Lawns – spread 250ml/m²
Shrubs – spread 250ml around the base of the shrub
Seedlings – 15ml in the hole when planting
Trees and shrubs – 750ml in the hole when planting
Pot plants – apply 1cm layer on surface

Potting Soil:
Mix 250ml with 750ml soil or river sand

Seedling Medium:
Mix 200ml with 800ml vermiculite or river sand

Top Dressing for lawns:
Mix 100ml with 900ml river sand